Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions for using “hey HEMA”

The use of hey HEMA (a platform for HEMA staff) is subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

By registering for and using this app, you agree with the general terms and conditions set out below.

purpose of hey HEMA

HEMA wishes to provide a clearly understandable, accessible and easily navigated platform that facilitates sharing and learning and provides inspiration. The hey HEMA platform facilitates better communication with fellow HEMA staff members.

Hey HEMA provides functionality that includes news messages, information about HEMA's organisation, product information, information about learning and personal development as well as instructions and procedures. Information is categorised so that all HEMA staff members receive information that is relevant to them.

installing hey HEMA

You can only install and use hey HEMA if you are working for HEMA B.V. or one HEMA’s subsidiaries or associated companies. The app can be installed on the following devices: iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets) and on the desktop of your computer. To install the hey HEMA app, go to www.heyhema.com and follow the instructions provided there.

To use the app on a mobile device, your device must be connected to the internet (switched on and not in “flight mode”). Because the application needs to communicate with the internet, use of the app may use data from your mobile data bundle. WiFi is provided in most HEMA stores. In urgent cases, you can log in to hey HEMA using the store’s desktop.

scope of the licence

You are granted a limited non-transferrable licence to use the app in the ways described in these general terms and conditions and only while you are working for HEMA.

You are not permitted to:

  • install the app on a device that you do not own
  • make the app available to third parties via (peer to peer) networks or by other means
  • rent or sell the app to others
  • sub-licence the app to others
  • modify the app, (attempt to) decipher or discover the source code or develop derivative versions of the app

personal information and privacy

You grant permission to HEMA to process, store and use any information to the extent necessary for the proper functioning and further development of the app. Personal information used by the app shall be stored securely. HEMA respects your privacy and shall ensure that all personal and employee information shall be treated in accordance with all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Rules regarding the treatment of personal information also apply to HEMA staff members. You can read about these rules here: https://www.heyhema.com/privacy-statement

termination of use and participation

You can uninstall the app from your devices at any time. After you cease working for HEMA, your employee information will no longer be available on your mobile device, with the exception of historical information about your salary that will remain available for two years.

Your licence to use the app ends when the use of the app is ended by HEMA or you. HEMA has the right to block you from using the app and terminate your licence with immediate effect in the event that you misuse the app or otherwise infringe upon these terms and conditions or if HEMA decides to cease using the app.

misuse of the app

Misuse includes: using the app in other ways than those intended and described in these general terms and conditions or in a way that infringes upon the rights of third parties. Additionally, HEMA may demand compensation for any demonstrable damages that result from misuse of the app.


By using hey HEMA, you agree to indemnify HEMA’s managers, governors, employees, investors, contractors and contractual partners from any liability or other claim that may result from any failure on your part to comply with these terms and conditions. You also renounce any rights of recourse with regard to said persons and parties.


HEMA is not be liable for any material or immaterial damages of any kind that may result or ensue from the (correct or incorrect) use of the app, except in the case of malicious intent or gross negligence on the part of HEMA.


HEMA does not provide any warranty regarding the functioning or quality of the app, or the accuracy of any information provided by the app.

changes to application and changes to terms and conditions

HEMA has the right to make changes (or arrange for changes to be made) to the app (for example, in the case of an update). HEMA also has the right to cease using or terminate the app. HEMA is not liable for any damages resulting or ensuing from changes to or ending use of the app. HEMA will notify you in the event of any changes to these terms and conditions.

intellectual property

By using the app, you declare that you are aware and recognise that the app contains (proprietary) information that belongs to HEMA, including information about work processes and methods, software, texts, designs and know-how. You declare that you shall respect these rights and shall use said information for no other purposes than for the normal use of the app as described in these terms and conditions.

other terms and conditions

The laws of the Netherlands and the apply to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are also subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU 2016/679).

In the event that any provision in these general terms and conditions is found to be legally invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Any legally invalid or unenforceable provision shall be regarded as having been replaced by a legally valid and enforceable provision that is as equivalent as possible to the original provision in terms of content and intention.

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